DSG has a wealth of knowledge about the entire spectrum of the healthcare a/v world including design, engineering, networking, installation, budgets, etc., and they tie it all together. They keep on top of current information. They are seasoned and highly knowledgeable.
Rick Hall, AIA, Italy
Principal, Health Care, Harley Ellis Devereaux
Working with Drake Systems Group is a true relationship - they really partner; they have a depth of understanding of buildings, user needs, staff needs, and higher-level physician needs. Their experience adds depth to every discussion. They also communicate appropriately and accordingly for each unique audience.
Doug Gordon, AIA
Health Planning Principal, HDR
Drake Systems Group is the “go to” firm. They step up to the plate and resolve issues. They are personable, always available, and willing to work with the client. I encourage any client to tap into their depth of experience and knowledge. Get them in early!
Patti Mitchell AIA, Associate Director West Zone
University of California San Francisco Capital Programs
I know that when Drake Systems Group is here, they take care of everything. I don't have to worry about tracking them down; they have a great work ethic and just get it done. They are not like most consultants and most contractors. They're about getting the job done right in the best possible way. I have no worries when I work with them. It's like bringing in a trusted advisor – they even send status reports without asking. They are very good with customers. They know how do deal with a variety of people, including difficult people.
Patricia A. Betzhold, AIA
Kaiser Permanente; Exec. Dir. Facility Strategy Planning & Design
We installed a video management solution in 2012 in our hybrid OR’s with the help of Drake Systems. Their knowledge of the various components, and assistance in reviewing vendor proposals, costs, and designs was invaluable. They were responsive to our requests, and stayed with us through every step of the process even after the implementation. We could not have installed the breadth that we did at the price we paid without their help.
Jeff Bronke
Team Lead, Imaging and Clinical Systems, Baystate Health Systems