Advanced Video Environments

Audiovisual technology is indispensable in today's building environment.

One of DSG’s greatest strengths is its expertise in design development. Goals and requirements, and layout are considered carefully. By exploring options, we develop an approach to achieve your desired audiovisual systems environment. Working with the DSG design team early in the process ensures that your AV project will integrate properly in the environment. Additionally, early coordination could save the expense and delay of unanticipated construction change orders. System design and engineering is a critical beginning step in the success of your AV implementation.

Engage your audiences with the latest emerging technologies. DSG can help clients use gesture technology, mobile devices, augmented and virtual reality to create experiences that deepen brand loyalty and support improved patient, student, and overall user satisfaction.

From enormous outdoor displays to indoor corporate lobbies, our knowledge and expertise helps you fulfill your creative vision. In the world of digital signage, DSG clients want to increase sales, keep traffic flowing, and entertain and educate their patients and visitors. Changing edutainment, product and pricing information across your enterprise has never been easier.